Thursday, July 8, 2010


Think on this…When creating the College Impact resource I did it with the greatest of intentions with hopes that God would use it to make a difference. The truth of the matter is, that no one really knows if the work they are doing will be well received. Especially, when you are doing something for the first time. That has been my experience.

So, I finished the book and trusted God with the rest. I was anticipating quick responses from the people who had received advanced copies and those who ordered it early, but that didn’t happen. Then I thought, ‘Well I will get feedback from my family because they love me’, to no avail. Then I thought, that since the book was quickly being purchased at my local church, sure my church would read it and nothing.

All I wanted was some feedback. Why, because I wrote it and thought it was good, necessary, and vital, but as a person who was barely literate until the 7th grade you never know. So I waited, and waited and finally an adult from the church responded with, “I wished I’d had this as a student”. Then my siblings started reading it and they were complementary. That was a big boost.

More and more responses started coming in and I started to see that what I’d hoped for was happening. Students were connecting with the material and it was showing them how to make an impact on their campuses. It’s about what God wants to do through them, and they saw it. I even had one student say that he believed God wanted me to write the book for that purpose.

I am simply overwhelmed. I take it this is what all writers and musical artist experience when they put projects out their hoping that people actually embrace them. So, hearing the rave reviews on the book doesn’t change my resolve, but it is confirmation for what I trusted God to do. It’s encouraging, but now I must do all I can to continue to get the out to students and those who love them…Just a thought

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