Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Love God & People

Think on this…it’s easy to love God but people are a different issue all together. Let’s be honest, people have a tendency to be losers. Before you decide that I have completely walked away from God please read on. I just want to admit the truth here. People tell you that they will do something and let you down. People get mad at you and refuse to forgive. People abuse, miss use, bring harm, etc. Can you agree with me that people have a tendency to let you down? Parents, friends, spouses alike either have or will disappoint. It’s their nature.

I would be okay with that thought if church people were better, but they usually aren’t. I know that they are supposed to be, but they often cheat, lie, complain, and gossip as much as non-church folks. For some reading this blog, this is a confirmation of what you have always believed about church people. Others would jump to defend and cover the flaws of other Christians, and I would do the same, but we must first own up to the problem.

What is my point? It’s that people stink; I thought I said that. :-D Just kidding! Jesus was asked about what he considered the most important law in the entire scripture. This was his answer, Love the Lord God with all your passion and prayer and intelligence and energy… and love others as well as you love yourself. There is no other commandment that ranks with these." Mark 12:29-31. You see very few people will say that they have a problem loving God. Some will doubt God’s existence and others will argue over His interaction with man, but most have no issue with thought loving God. To love people is hard. Jesus did not tell us to love good people or Christians only he said love everyone. From the most hypocritical to the worst humans alive, we are to love them. We don’t have to like it, but we are to love them anyway. If we loved people more, maybe they would not have such a hard time deciding to love us in return…Just a thought.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Under Construction

Think on this…we have been raising funds to make our home handicap accessible for my son who has special needs. We are well into the first phase of this process and things and a bit of a mess. There is dust everywhere inside of the house and we have a massive amount of debris outside. We can see steady change and improvement, but the process has my family disheveled and out of sorts. We have had to embrace the reality that this is the new normal, at least for a while. The interesting thing is that I am learning a lot about life transformation as I watch my home renovation.

One lesson I have learned is that whenever a major change needs to happen there is usually destruction that must happen first. Whether quitting smoking, or trying to be a more empathetic person we usually struggle when change starts in our lives. Things get ugly before they get pretty. Another learning is that everyone in the family is affected when an adjustment begins in the life of one person. You can’t avoid it. We are communal beings and when a person is being changed we all have to give them space.

The truth is that we are and should ever be under construction. That is because no person is perfect, and who doesn’t want to grow to reach his or her full potential. But, when people are in transition we need to allow things to be messy and give them an opportunity to make the change. We can desire the needed change so much that we can despise the necessary process. The Bible says,As all of us reflect the Lord’s glory with faces that are not covered with veils, we are being changed into his image with ever-increasing glory. 2 Corinthians 3:18 As my house is being changed I hope my life is as well…Just a thought

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Superhero & Champion

Think on this...My wife has always called me my son’s superhero. It stems from the first days of his life when I was the primary. I was the one who watched him emerge from the womb blue, saw him take his first breath, was the one fighting with doctors initially when they were saying he needed to be institutionalized long term, etc. My wife had recently had surgery, and I had to be what both she and my son’s hero. The other reasons that she calls me a superhero is the fact that Damian Jr. is a total daddy’s boy, and now he is my full time job. So yes, I will embrace that designation, but she is undoubted his champion.

I remember six years ago with tubes coming out of every part of his little body, and my wife struggled to pull herself up to his bed to see her son. Having had a major surgery, this was no small feat. I tried to explain to her everything that was explained to me while she recovered, and she just stroked his head and whispered into his ear what would be the defining words of his life, “Keep Fighting, just Keep Fighting”. That was all she had that day, but she would quickly model that statement.

Before she was well enough to move around, she was working to make sure that our son had everything he needed. It started with his breast-feeding; as she was in tears making sure that he had what was most nutritious. I soon had to go back to work so she took the lead. There was meeting after meeting with doctors and specialists. She was interviewing therapists, finding programs, and firing people who weren’t in agreement with what we believed God was doing in his life. She was a force to be reckoned with...(read more)

Friday, September 3, 2010

Family Business

Think on this…ever wonder why as children we were told to always wear clean underwear in case we get in a car accident? As if while bleeding profusely a medical professional would look for dirty underwear. There is a deep philosophy that we were being taught. It simply, you don’t embarrass the family in public. We are supposed to represent ourselves well when outside of our homes.

If I am completely honest I feel this way about Christians. So many of us live with such low standards that it makes me a little ashamed of us. Not ashamed of Christ, but of others in His family. I understand that it takes new believers some time to develop Christ-like character. I fully believe that even though we have been clean from all sin we still have habits that are hard to shake. I am no different. But, we can do better. We lie, cheat, divorce, quit, and complain just as much as people who don’t have the hope of Glory living in them. Not to mention all of the sexual, financial, and marital scandals of church leaders that have been in the news. We are supposed to be better than this!

I am not condemning anyone, but my heart breaks when someone outside of the family of God says, “See, they are all a bunch of hypocrites”. Yes, God’s grace covers us and we are in continual need of a savior. But, we must remember that people are watching us, and they may or may not join our family based on what they see in our conduct. The Bible says, " The name of God is maligned and blasphemed among the outsiders because of you! " . Romans 2:24 I love both God’s people and those who have yet to join His household. It’s a shame that people won’t give their hearts to God because of our poor character. I know that this is family business, but it needs to be said…Just a thought.