Friday, September 17, 2010

Under Construction

Think on this…we have been raising funds to make our home handicap accessible for my son who has special needs. We are well into the first phase of this process and things and a bit of a mess. There is dust everywhere inside of the house and we have a massive amount of debris outside. We can see steady change and improvement, but the process has my family disheveled and out of sorts. We have had to embrace the reality that this is the new normal, at least for a while. The interesting thing is that I am learning a lot about life transformation as I watch my home renovation.

One lesson I have learned is that whenever a major change needs to happen there is usually destruction that must happen first. Whether quitting smoking, or trying to be a more empathetic person we usually struggle when change starts in our lives. Things get ugly before they get pretty. Another learning is that everyone in the family is affected when an adjustment begins in the life of one person. You can’t avoid it. We are communal beings and when a person is being changed we all have to give them space.

The truth is that we are and should ever be under construction. That is because no person is perfect, and who doesn’t want to grow to reach his or her full potential. But, when people are in transition we need to allow things to be messy and give them an opportunity to make the change. We can desire the needed change so much that we can despise the necessary process. The Bible says,As all of us reflect the Lord’s glory with faces that are not covered with veils, we are being changed into his image with ever-increasing glory. 2 Corinthians 3:18 As my house is being changed I hope my life is as well…Just a thought

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