Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Superhero & Champion

Think on this...My wife has always called me my son’s superhero. It stems from the first days of his life when I was the primary. I was the one who watched him emerge from the womb blue, saw him take his first breath, was the one fighting with doctors initially when they were saying he needed to be institutionalized long term, etc. My wife had recently had surgery, and I had to be what both she and my son’s hero. The other reasons that she calls me a superhero is the fact that Damian Jr. is a total daddy’s boy, and now he is my full time job. So yes, I will embrace that designation, but she is undoubted his champion.

I remember six years ago with tubes coming out of every part of his little body, and my wife struggled to pull herself up to his bed to see her son. Having had a major surgery, this was no small feat. I tried to explain to her everything that was explained to me while she recovered, and she just stroked his head and whispered into his ear what would be the defining words of his life, “Keep Fighting, just Keep Fighting”. That was all she had that day, but she would quickly model that statement.

Before she was well enough to move around, she was working to make sure that our son had everything he needed. It started with his breast-feeding; as she was in tears making sure that he had what was most nutritious. I soon had to go back to work so she took the lead. There was meeting after meeting with doctors and specialists. She was interviewing therapists, finding programs, and firing people who weren’t in agreement with what we believed God was doing in his life. She was a force to be reckoned with...(read more)

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