Friday, September 3, 2010

Family Business

Think on this…ever wonder why as children we were told to always wear clean underwear in case we get in a car accident? As if while bleeding profusely a medical professional would look for dirty underwear. There is a deep philosophy that we were being taught. It simply, you don’t embarrass the family in public. We are supposed to represent ourselves well when outside of our homes.

If I am completely honest I feel this way about Christians. So many of us live with such low standards that it makes me a little ashamed of us. Not ashamed of Christ, but of others in His family. I understand that it takes new believers some time to develop Christ-like character. I fully believe that even though we have been clean from all sin we still have habits that are hard to shake. I am no different. But, we can do better. We lie, cheat, divorce, quit, and complain just as much as people who don’t have the hope of Glory living in them. Not to mention all of the sexual, financial, and marital scandals of church leaders that have been in the news. We are supposed to be better than this!

I am not condemning anyone, but my heart breaks when someone outside of the family of God says, “See, they are all a bunch of hypocrites”. Yes, God’s grace covers us and we are in continual need of a savior. But, we must remember that people are watching us, and they may or may not join our family based on what they see in our conduct. The Bible says, " The name of God is maligned and blasphemed among the outsiders because of you! " . Romans 2:24 I love both God’s people and those who have yet to join His household. It’s a shame that people won’t give their hearts to God because of our poor character. I know that this is family business, but it needs to be said…Just a thought.

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