Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Think on this...I just crossed a major anniversary in my life. No, I am not referencing my 10 year wedding anniversary, that has just past(that is an awesome thing). My Purpose-versary is the 1-year celebration of my leaving corporate America to walk in what I believe God has for me. This was a major transition in my life and I have learned lessons that have drawn my heart closer to Christ. It’s not an easy path that we have been on, but it is one on which we are glad to follow God on.

You see there have been some things that have required us to live differently then before. With one of our incomes being eliminated and the other person working for a church (nobody works for a church to get rich) things have been tighter then ever. We aren’t able to have the things with which we have become accustomed. Even our ten year wedding anniversary was scaled all the way back from Japan, to a Japanese restaurant.

Instead of a steady check for coming as a form of income now my income is based on speaking engagements and book sales. Neither is moving at a substantial pace, although I am grateful for the opportunities that have come. So, we are ever in a hurry up and wait situation. Self-employed people understand that struggle all to well.

Then you must consider my son’s special needs into the equation. He has nonstop therapy sessions, equipment needs, basic requirements that come with having his challenges. Those financial needs have only increased as he has grown. Life is challenging at best!...[Expanded blog ]

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