Thursday, August 26, 2010

Still Breathing…

I came across a box of photos of Damian Jr being resuscitated in the delivery room. When Damian Jr was born, he came out blue and was not breathing. The medical staff invested 30-45 seconds resuscitating him.

I was unaware that all this was happening. The doctors and nurses intentionally did not indicate that anything was wrong as to not put me into to shock. All I remember is one of the nurses crying and whispering in my ear with such joy and relief, “He made it…”. My initial reaction was, “Of course, he made it!”. I no idea what our son had just experienced.

My husband, on the other hand, witnessed every second. He kept pacing back and forth and taking pictures. He too was crying while holding it all together. And he finally shared that our son almost didn’t make it. BUT he was breathing.

About the Breathing Process

You have to breathe because all of the cells in your body require oxygen. Without oxygen, your body wouldn't move. It would be like a parked car with no battery. The car might have gas, but without a battery, you are not going anywhere! So you might have blood in your body, but without oxygen, forget it! You receive oxygen from breathing in air, and then the oxygen goes to your blood which is then circulated throughout your entire body….Read more

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