Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Suffering, No Thank you

Think on this…we can be our children’s worst enemy as it pertains to their health and development. We can be so focused on giving them what we didn’t have that we forget to give them what we had, that got us to where we are. I grew up with very little, so I would often have to eat what ever what was available. To my chagrin that was often liver, yuck! Liver, although disgusting to my palate is rich in iron and very good for you. But, ever so often it would be what’s for dinner and if you didn’t eat it you didn’t eat.

There were no special meals for little people who were not pleased with the selection. There was no, “If you don’t like your veggies then you have the option to opt out”. It was eat or starve. Many of us are so far removed from that life that we have succumbed to the pressure from ungrateful mouths that don’t know how good they have it. Now we have to give our kids supplements because they don’t have the enough vitamins in their systems because we have acquiesced to their desires and not given what they needed most, to gives them what they wanted most. If we as their parents don’t give them what they need they will be malnourished.

Spiritually the same thing applies, we often want what sounds and feels good and not what is going to be most beneficial. Suffering is one of those things, which the church has lost a taste for. Early Christians saw it as a necessary part of their journey. Now we want fast food faith that tells us we can have it our way. No, God does not care about our childish ranting; He wants us to eat what is necessary for growth. The Bible says, ““ . We can kick, scream, hold our collective breaths, proclaim prophecy, quote scripture and the same thing will be waiting for us, when done complaining. God loves us too much to keep suffering off our plate. That is good news for us…Just a thought.

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