Tuesday, May 4, 2010

So Emotional

Think on this…I recently wrote about my licensing/ordination. Well, the day finally came and even though the Boyd contingency was smaller due to a tragic death in the family, the moment was still very special. It was an emotional experience for me. I was so grateful for the family that was able to come, even though I fully understood why others couldn’t make it. One of my cousins, in particular, spent his 17-year wedding anniversary with us. They thought it was fitting because I introduced them to one another. That was so humbling to see their love for me expressed in that way. So, while hugging them I broke into tears. I cried like a baby.

Then there was my mom. You have to look over my past blogs to get a good idea of my relationship with my mom. I love her, but life was hard for me as a child. So looking into the audience and seeing that lady looking up at her son, a licensed minister was too much for me to bare. I wept like a little girl. People in the back were asking, “Who is that woman crying?” It was just so overwhelming. If I would have been licensed years ago (which could have been the case because I have been doing it for a while) it would have not had been so special.

So, the big message today is that I cry like a spanked 2-year-old. No, I guess the message is that we should cherish the relationships we have and the people that love us. We can have a tendency to think that we are deserving of both love and respect, but that attitude reeks of a bloated since of self-importance. It also keeps us from appreciating the people in our lives…Just a thought.

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