Friday, January 8, 2010

Daddy’s Boy…Pure delight!

Think on this…I love my son. He lights up when I enter a room. He is without a doubt a daddy’s boy. That is in direct contrast to me, a momma’s boy. I didn’t have a choice my mom was all I had. It sets up an interesting scenario now that I have an opportunity to learn about how I should approach God as a Father. Jesus said, "This, then, is how you should pray: Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name” Matt 6:9 The best way we could understand a relationship with God is as a father. That is mind blowing, one that we could know God, two that he wanted to be known as a father.

You see my son delights in his daddy. For some reason he can’t get enough of me. My wife uses it to her advantage, she loves saying, “He wants you”. He doesn’t care about my absences, he is just happy when I arrive. It’s his joy just to be with me. Even when I am mad at him he is most upset at the fact that he hurt the one person he loves most. In that moment all he wants is to be back in daddy’s good graces. Because he loves me so much I delight in being his father and there is nothing good from him I would withhold.

I am learning to approach God with the same passion which my son applies to me. Since, I didn’t have a father I am prone to look at God as one who would not truly care or be interested in me. Much like my own father. But, God is a perfect father. Even my son’s father will let him down at some point, I'm human. I want to long for God the way my son longs for me. When I am satisfied in Him, He is made great in me. Even when I am bad, I want to get it right because I don’t want to hurt the one whom I love most. Just sitting with him, should make my heart leap. My son is teaching me to be a daddy’s boy…Just a thought.

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