Monday, January 18, 2010

Prayer for Haiti

Father, I pray for the country of Haiti. In light of the country experiencing this devastating catastrophe let your grace to cover the country. Speed help there, and give strength to those who are in need. Bring coordination of resources and people that can truly support and offer assistance. Let relief and from countries around the world be distributed quickly.

I pray that the people of the Haiti would be comforted. For those people who are still alive, let them know healing and hope in the light of who you are. Let neighbor stand with neighbor and that nation come together like never before. For those injured, supernaturally heal wounds, where no doctor is present. Where families are separated allow connections to be made and information to be disseminated quickly. Allow supplies to get to those who are in the most need.

Where people have looked down on Haiti now cause Haiti to rise as a jewel here in the west. Allow that government to stand with and for the people of that country and be true servants. Please let all of the money donated be used for its desired use.

I pray that churches would prove their worth during this time. Let those who can’t get to Haiti pray like crazy for that nation. Where we have allocated resources to frivolous things, inspire them to allocate it to the least of these in this desperate time. Teach your church to once again love mercy, deal justly, and walk humbly with you God. In Jesus Name.

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