Monday, April 5, 2010

Everyday I’m Hustlin’

There is a hip-hop song by a rapper named Rick Ross called Hustlin’. The hook or chorus of the song has as its anthem “Everyday I’m Hustlin’” I can totally understand the sentiment now that I am working to get my first book in the hands of those for whom it’s written. Because many people have attributed nefarious connotations to the concept of hustling or its urban derivative hustlin’, lets use definition of hustle that I mean in this context. “Hus·tle: to proceed or work rapidly or energetically; to be aggressive, esp. in business or other financial dealings.”

I have always been a bit of a hustler (based on the above definition). For instance, during my middle school years I lived in Camden, NJ. We were very poor, so to get a little extra money I would buy candy from the corner store and sell it to my classmates. I was so successful that the school developed its own store. While in college to support myself, I had several hustles. I shined shoes, started selling drinks and snacks while undercutting the overpriced vending machines. I was also a freelance photographer for local college. Hustlin’!

Now, I have a new book! College Impact: Empowering Collegiate Christians for Campus Influence. I am hustlin’ again. I really believe in the products end goal. The goal of the book is for collegiate Christians to awaken to the full life in Christ and touch the live of others for the Glory of God. It’s all about the Glory of God! That is something that is worth hustlin’ for. All thy works shall praise thee, O LORD; and thy saints shall bless thee.” Psalm 145:10

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