Wednesday, March 31, 2010

College Impact is Here We NEED YOUR HELP!

With the arrival of my first book College Impact: Empowering Collegiate Christians for Campus Influence, we are intensely trying to get the word out. We need your help to let people know about it. How?

1. By letting every church you either attend or know of about it. Why, because statistics say that most High School church kids will walk away from the Christian faith. Its an important resource for their students.

2. By buying books for high school and seniors and college students in your life. It is a great graduation gift.

3. By telling friends and relatives who have college students and high school seniors in their lives about the book.

4. By getting the word out to any media outlets that you know of that would be interested in this type of books. i.e. I am from New Jersey and my home town paper might be interested.

5. By passing on the information about the book on any and all social media outlets with which you are apart.

How can you purchase a copy?



Please know that we both need and value your assistance. This has been a labor of love. Thank you so much for your support!

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