Monday, March 1, 2010

Another Twit that Tweets

Think on this…I recently joined the twitter craze. I have been fighting it for a while, not because I am against technology. Not because I am an old man that doesn’t understand what the kids are doing nowadays (well maybe a little). My reluctance was more an issue of self-preservation. From what? Narcissism! I have a tendency to think too much of my life and myself and minimize what is most important. Twitter seems to feed that practice.

Twitter enables the narcissist by making their every thought, whim, and experience news worthy. I AM NOT THAT IMPORTANT, and neither are you. Whether or not I had eggs or cereal for breakfast this morning is not something to broadcast to the world. Even worst, many people are hoping to say something provocative enough to gain global, wide spread, acclaim and acquire their 15 min. of fame.

So, to protect my own heart I have been resisting Twitter. I had some of my good friends fuss at me lately, because I was not apart of the cool crowd. They reminded me that I have a book coming out, I speak to young adults regularly, and as far as they are concerned I have something important to say. So, here is my compromise, I endeavor to tweet something important and meaningful, and as always make much of God and less of me. He must increase, but I must decrease.” John 3:30 I don’t want to be another twit that tweets…Just a thought.

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