Friday, February 26, 2010

What if?

Think on this…what if your life is supposed to me more than it has become?

What if your life is not an accident?

What if you were born for a greater purpose?

What if all mighty God does love you?

What if God has a plan for your life?

What if everything that the Bible says is true?

What if Jesus did come to the earth?

What if Jesus actually lived a perfect life, died on a cross for your sins, was raised from the grave, all to give you a relationship with God?

What if all of the bad things you have ever done have already been atoned for and God is just waiting for you to embrace it?

What if those random thoughts of going to church, getting to know God, and reading the Bible is God’s way of trying to get your attention?

What if God is able to do more than you could ever ask or think?

What if God is whom He says He is, and will reward you for deciding to trust Him with your life?

What if?

…Just a thought.

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