Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Think on this…if you are a constant reader of this blog. I have good and important news. We are officially ready to release the first printing of College Impact: Empowering Collegiate Christians for Campus Influence. YEAH! Sorry, I am just a little excited. We have labored over this thing for 3 months beyond the initial due date. Things have not grown more urgent in the Boyd household, and we have seen God’s faithfulness along the way. But, its here, finally!

I have said before that we need your help. Yes, we need your help to push the book to college students and anyone who loves them. We are asking that you consider purchasing your copy. We also need you to tell every news outlet and person of influence in the college arena about it. We need your help. We believe that this book is going to be a spark that ignites a revolution. Please, consider becoming a part of the movement by getting the word out. Next week we will have all the marketing opportunities ready for you. If you are willing to help, then just post a comment on this blog and we will get back to you. Thank you in advance for your support…Just a thought.

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