Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Learning to Trust More

Think on this…about 9 months ago I lost my job. It was perfect for me because I was about to walk away from it. That to most people seemed like the worst thing imaginable in an economy such as ours. But, we believed God was leading me to do my life’s passion, which is to communicate a message of hope to the world, full time. That sounds good, but it doesn’t pay that much initially.

So, things have been lean in the Boyd household. On top of that we have my 18-year-old nephew living with us and that is like having 3 new mouths to feed. It would be awesome to tell you that money has flooded in and speaking opportunities are numerous, but that hasn’t happened. What has transpired is, every time we get low on funds more is made available. It’s a miracle. What has also happened is, I have finished my first book, College Impact, available next week. I have developed a website . I am a blog writing machine. I am tweeting and facebook-ing regularly. And yes, I have even done a speaking engagement here and there.

I have seen God in the process of trusting him with my life more fully. Either you trust God or you don’t. I have learned to allow Him to show Himself faithful and I have found He is. My responsibility is to continue trusting Him. But as for me, I trust in You, O LORD; I say, “You are my God.” Psalm 31:14 I love the old hymn, “Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus. Just to take Him at His word. Just to wait upon his promise. Just to know thus saith the Lord” …Just a thought.

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