Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Boogers taste good!

Think on this...I have school age son. It’s cold and flu season and the kids in his school are ripe with runny noses, and congestion. On any given day you can see some kindergartener with a dried, crusty, force field of snot caked to his/her face. The crazy thing is for some reason they are oblivious to how gross they look with this disgusting patch on their face. Inevitably, a small worm like finger will go digging for gold! Once the sought after treasure is obtained it goes right in the mouth. Umm! I have come to one conclusion; boogers taste good. They are a little salty, and little creamy. Okay, who has not eaten a booger? You used to be one of those gross little booger-eating machines too. Don't judge me.

As adults the pattern persists. We consume unhealthy things just because they are there. No matter what our vice, we are prone to hold tight to unseemly habits. I love that God patiently works with us to help us be who he wants us to be. The bible says, “he wants to keep us from falling and present us faultless before His presence with great joy.” Jude 24 It’s our one responsibility to decide that we want to be freed from our nasty habits…Just a thought.

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