Friday, November 13, 2009


Think on this…Ever been naked? Not as in, I was in the shower this morning and I didn't have clothes on. Really exposed, like before someone with whom you don’t want to see you naked? It's a humbling experience. No matter how nice you think you look underneath your clothes it's humbling! The bottom line is we are taught to keep our privates' private. We generally don't want people to see what we have been spending most of our lives hiding. Then we start to ask them, "So what did you see", the answer, "everything". Then the insecurity and healthy shame steps in. It's just a rough situation.

The truth of the matter is many of us are exposed and we don't even know it. Not by some peeping tom, but by almighty God. He sees all perfectly. Everything is exposed before him. The crazy thing is we will often be afraid to do before others what we do before God. I think its because we either forget that He is watching, or He seems so far away that we rarely feel exposed. God is always looking beneath the surface to our very core. He knows what you and I did last summer. The Bible says, "Oh Lord, you have searched me and you know me" Psalm 139:1. The crazy thing is, he sees us and still loves us in spite of the ugly. I am so grateful for that…Just a thought.

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