Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Primary Care Giver

Think on this…since I am no longer working a traditional job I have the awesome opportunity to be my son’s primary care giver. Conversely, I have been very vocal about my daddy issues and my past, so this is an amazing chance to get some things right in his life that were wrong in mine. What some may not know is that I have a child with special needs so it requires a whole different level of focus and energy. I love that kid, but it takes a lot. He is an amazing little guy and I really enjoy our time together. I get him ready for school, put him on the bus, get him off the bus, and run him to his therapies. I am more worn out now then when I worked at my former job.

My wife shared with me recently that she believed he needed me now. I really feel that deep down. My son needs me. It has special meaning to me in light of my experiences. I have a chance to make an imprint into this young man that only a father can bring. I love how the bible says, I'm writing as a father to you, my children. I love you and want you to grow up well, not spoiled. There are a lot of people around who can't wait to tell you what you've done wrong, but there aren't many fathers willing to take the time and effort to help you grow up. 1 Corinthians 4:14-15 It’s my privilege and responsibility to make sure this young man develops correctly. In a culture were dad’s aren’t given much credit, fatherhood is at premium in my household…Just a thought.

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