Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Debt to Society

Think on this…I am a life long Philadelphia Eagles fan. Don’t hate. I am from South Jersey and that is Eagles country. For almost 15 years I have lived in the Atlanta area where they embrace an entirely different bird. Not as glorious, as their northern counterparts, Atlantans love their dirty birds. I have grown to like them as well. Purest will crucify me, but it’s true. It also gives me a unique perspective on a Michael Vick. Non-football lovers know about his legal issues. He was convicted for dog fighting, and served time in prison. No one I know has a problem with that. The point of contention came when he was given a second chance to play football with my Eagles.

People are protesting and picketing because to such an act of violence toward an animal is the worst thing someone can do in their eyes. But, I recently wrote about a man who admittedly had sex with a middle school girl and celebrities are defending him. I tend to think that an act against a child should trump an act on an animal. Why are there not protest against the Hollywood folks boldly suggesting that what Mr. Polanski did was “Not that Bad”. It doesn’t get much worst then raping a child, consensual or not. Both are bad, but I think our perspective on right and wrong is a little off. “Don't judge by appearances. Judge by what is right.” John 7:24 Just a thought.

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  1. I'm totally in agreeance. Many people's perspective on particular crimes are really in shambles. The way society chooses to persecute (or prosecute) individuals is totally based on how favorable they are. For example, if one likes someone, they wish the least punishment for that person while if the offender is someone they don't like, they could care less if they are put under the jail. Kinda messed up, but that's how we tend to think.

    What I don't understand (and never have) is if someone goes to jail, they are paying their debt to society. Once that debt is "paid off", why should they STILL suffer from those previous infractions? If the debt has been paid, they should have a clear record and be able to earn a living, vote, and partake in all the liberties everyone else is entitled to. In my opinion, something is seriously flawed with our justice system.