Monday, October 5, 2009

Mentoring is Hard

Think on this…We recently have a new person living in our home. It’s my nephew who is with us to learn, be developed and hopefully get in college. He is a great young man, filled with potential and it is our responsibility to guide him toward actuality. But, this is hard work. Honestly, when you mentor people who don’t live with you, there are moments of reprieve, but when they are there all the time it’s relentless. Here is the truth, someone welcomed me into their home, and taught me what I needed, so who am I to resist the process.

Instead of teaching him about selfishness, I am learning about selfishness. You see I like things, the way I like them. I like my computer set up a certain way, I like items stored the way I want them stored. When someone else is there you have to give him or her room to make things comfortable for themselves. Hugh! So I am learning also. Jesus fully understood this dilemma. You see, he grabbed a group of guys and poured his life into them. We call this discipleship, but it’s a spiritual mentoring process. Jesus said, Therefore go and make disciples…” Matt 28:19a. I am expected as a Christian to bring people into my life to teach and develop them. I just didn’t know I would grow so much from it…Just a thought.

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