Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Think on this…for most of my adult life I have been either bored or underutilized. I for the sake of a carrier and the very real need to take care of my family worked a job I didn’t like.(I did at first) I enjoyed the fine people I worked with and grew in my character by having to be faithful in serving others dreams, but what about mine. Think about it, you are probably going to work everyday to make someone else’s dream come true. Where you work was someone's dream. Now, there is great worth in taking care of ones family, and in doing what is necessary to survive. Honestly, people all over the country would love to have any job, even one where they are bored and underutilized.

What I had to understand was, its was not my employers’ responsibility to help me live out my life’s passion. I wanted them to assist me in my pursuits that had little to do with their desires for me. You see, we will not be totally happy until we find our passion-niche. A passion-niche is that one thing you can do well, and enjoy doing. You are a perfect 10 in at least one area that you love, that didn’t even start with you. God doesn't take back the gifts he has given or forget about the people he has chosen. Romans 11:29 I now make a lot less money, but I feel much more fulfilled. Now, my passion is my grind…Just a thought.

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